Friday, May 10, 2013

Colligent Affinities Utilized to Identify Correlation of TV Ad Spend with Brand's Social Engagement

This morning our client and partner, TVB issued a press release of our landmark study with them. The study measures social behaviors of fans of TV shows and brands. It then correlates it to the show's audience size (as measured by Nielsen) and ad spend (as measured by Kantar Media). The results show that higher the reach higher the engagement overall. Further, TV ad spend correlates to social engagement. As an example, if AT&T advertises on CSI:NY, over time, fans of the show engage more with the advertiser demonstrating the impact of advertising. The main conclusion of the study is as we get increasingly lonelier in our physical lives, we increasingly want to connect with other people digitally. Entertainment serves as a major theme to have such connections and thus forms the "Cultural Currency". We are honored that TVB chose to use our data set for this study.