Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Social Media “Engagement” is a Means to an End

Social media “engagement” gets you halfway, its what you do next that matters.
Over a decade ago, when Social Media was emerging, people made fun of measurement, social media strategy, and any hint of a brand or business trying to monetize social media efforts.  This sounds impossibly crazy today, but it’s true.  The common refrain was “Social media is not about your brand. It’s about the conversation.” If you are reading this, chances are you were engaged in those very same conversations.
We’ve come a long way and even the “conversationalists” have backed down. Social media today is being maintained by the traditional marketing, PR and advertising agencies, for better or for worse. Despite this forward progress, every so often I hear old-time thinking.  Such was the case on at a recent conference when a purported marketer stated the true goal of social media was “engagement.”

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Forrester Recognizes Social Affinity Market

At SXSW, Nate Elliot announced the notion of the "database of affinity" as the evolution of the "database of intent" and harnessing affinities holds huge opportunties for brands.  

Nate's presentation sheds incredible insight on affinities and emotions and we are glad to know we are in lock step with much of the Forrester VP's thinking and in some cases as much as 5 years ahead.   

You can read the introduction here, but we recommend listening to the SXSW recorded presentation.