Friday, February 15, 2013

Using Social Data for Market Research

Sree recently had a converstation with Chris O'hara to discuss how brands can benefit from using social media data.  The article goes into great depth sharing the value of mutual affinities and how we use them to help brands with their marketing and advertising.

Here is an intro to the article, but click the link below to get the full interview transcript.  

Marketers are increasingly turning to social media data to understand their customers, and how to tap into their social graphs to reach more of them. Facebook “likes” and Twitter “follows” are religiously captured and analyzed, and audience models are created—all in the service of trying to scale the most powerful type of marketing of all: word-of-mouth.  With CRM players (like Salesforce, who recently acquired Buddy Media and Radian6) jumping into the game, digitally-derived social data is now an established part of traditional marketing. I recently sat down with Sree Nagarajan, the CEO of Colligent, a social data platform that measures “brand affinity” to find out more about what marketers should be measuring, and how important the social graph really is when it comes to audience targeting and segmentation.