Saturday, February 2, 2013

Colligent is coming to a brand near you.

As advertising reaches an early peak in 2013 with tomorrow’s Super Bowl, thousands of brand managers and agencies left out of the most visible advertising venue of the year are left dreaming about how amazing it would be to acquire similar reach.  

As exciting as it is for marketers for top brands like Pepsi, Budweiser, Taco Bell, and even the “less is more” brand Go Daddy, brands with fewer financial resources are left ad planning with relative scraps or so they would be left to believe...

Feeling left out because your brand isn't in the
Super Bowl?  You may have better options.
In reality, there is no shortage of advertising platforms as we all know.  There are over 250 NFL games in a season alone, and tens of thousands of other sporting events, hundreds of thousands of programing hours, and billions of web searches and depending on your brand and your audience your brand may be better off sitting out of the Super Bowl to pursue the millions of alternatives.  It is Colligent’s job to show you how.

2013 is going to be a pivotal year for Colligent.  Brand intelligence based on social behavior is gaining visibility as brands without Super Bowl-sized resources look past shotgun approaches to gaining brand exposure.  Colligent is responding to this in what we think is the perfect time.  We’ve been focused on offering services for big brands over the past two years (special thanks Pepsi, Unilever, Universal, MTV), but have now gained significant knowledge to refine our tools so we can offer brands more affordable “self-service” offerings.  We will no doubt still offer enterprises tailored solutions, but with the growth of social media along with increased social brand reach we can now give smaller brand managers unmatched insight into brands customer’s likes, engagement, competitors, keywords and even strategic media planning and sponsorships.

With our self serve products all brands will be able to gain the critical insight that the top brands use without having enormous budgets.  We will be sharing more in the next few weeks, and are targeting our launch just after the first quarter.  In the meantime, if you want more details let us know.

So this year, relax and enjoy the Super Bowl, we will help you discover rich opportunities to successfully market your brand in 2013!

The Colligent Team