Friday, September 23, 2011

Colligent Goes Political!

Colligent is already proving in the marketplace the power of understanding and leveraging strong mutual engagement between two entities. But we are taking it one step further by using our aggregated social media data to help politicians and issue-based organizations understand where the real emotional engagement is among the voting public.

Victoria Bassetti, crack researcher, political junkie, and a key member of the Colligent team, has pulled together an incredibly insightful and absorbing analysis of how social media fans and followers are engaged with politics and politicians. A must read for anyone interested in better understanding where the real connections are in this space and the strength of these engagements.

For example, Obama far and away has the most fans and followers. But today, Romney has a much higher percentage of intensely engaged fans and followers. Can he maintain that advantage? House of Representative members just haven't been able to establish large groups of fans and followers in the social media networks. Are they missing a big opportunity? And Newt Gingrich may have a lot of fans and followers, but on closer look, they may not be worth very much to him when it comes to election time. Does his team understand this?

Music and music artists are a great source of insight into where politicians and issue based organizations can find fans and in turn, reach them. Would many folks guess that P Diddy has some of the most politically engaged fans...more than even the often mentioned and politically involved Bruce Springsteen?

These little nuggets are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how Colligent's data will be a wealth of information and guidance to any politician, candidate for office, or issue-based organization looking to reach and influence prospective voters in the upcoming 2012 election year.

Look for more insights from Victoria in the weeks and months ahead and read her analysis at