Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Mutual Love" - Why It's Important

We at Colligent spend a lot of time thinking about "mutual love," which we define as the reciprocal engagement and affinity between the common social media fans of two different entities. It could be between the common fans of two brands, a brand and a TV show, a brand and a celebrity, or other important combinations.

Why is this important? Consumers have relationships with and affinities for thousands of different entities such as brands, media and entertainment entities, sports, and celebrities just to name a few. So identifying and understanding which of these relationships are the strongest provides marketers with extraordinary insight and guidance on where to look for new opportunities that can deliver incremental business. Finding where these levels of engagement are strongest can mean the difference between a run of the mill idea and a potential home run.

Our goal is to establish the measurement of this "mutual love" as an industry standard for any brand owner who wants to answer the fundamental question: "How can I use social media data to help identify the next set of big ideas for driving my business ahead?"

Stay tuned.